Transshipping on Arrival to Great Blasket Island. Please note that all passengers must transship from the Peig Sayers into a smaller dinghy. We feel it is important to highlight this process as not all passengers feel comfortable or are physically able to transship to the island, however, we ensure this is a smooth operation and safety is our number one priority. Below are step by step pictures:
The Peig Sayers pulling up to mooring, Great Blasket Island
Skipper Billy maneuvering dinghy into place to tie alongside Peig Sayers
Passengers waiting to board dinghy alongside Peig Sayers – Great Blasket Island
One by one passengers transship into dinghy from the Peig Sayers
All passengers transshipping must wear a life jacket.
Our dinghy transships 8 people at a time and is a very quick trip to the island slipway.
Short crossing from the Peig Sayers to Great Blasket Island
Approaching the Great Blasket Island. Short crossing distance from Peig Sayers in the background.
Slipway on Great Blasket Island. Good foot-ware and caution is advised for the island.