“If the weather is bad are we refunded?”

If Billy decides weather and sea conditions are not suitable to operate and cancels the tour/sailing,  customers are refunded.

Boat Tour Cancellation: 

Any full day boat tour booking cancelled within 14 days to 48 hours before arrival, half booking fee will be taken.

Any booking cancelled less than 48 hours before arrival will be fully charged. 

IF we are able to resell your seats, half booking fee will be refunded. 

Accommodation Cancellation: 

Any booking cancelled within 14 days to 7days   before departure half booking fee will be taken.

Any booking cancelled less than 7 days before arrival will be fully charged. 

From 1st May 2020 there is a 5% non refundable booking fee.

“Do you offer childrens rate”

Full day boat tour:

We charge the same price for adults and children as we operate a small 12 passenger boat. 


We offer a children’s rate (3-16yrs) for the accommodation and for the Dunquin transfer. 

“We have elderly parents, will they manage this trip?”

We emphasise that all passengers must trans-ship into a smaller dinghy on arrival to the island. We do ensure  help is offered and will not proceed if one feels uncomfortable. The island itself is quite physical. On arrival passengers must step onto a slipway (which can be slippery) – From here, there is a steep climb made made from a natural rocky stairway which has a handrail for extra support. All pathways are made from grassy tracks so please be sure to have good, sturdy footware on.

”Can I bring my car on the boat/Island?”


“We’re staying overnight, what are the sailing times?”

Sailing to and from the Great Blasket Island is weather dependent. We ask overnight guests and day passengers to be flexible with times.

We collect all overnight guests from Dunquin Pier and schedules are dependent on tides. Generally we aim to collect at 1 pm in Dunquin Pier, and return at 12.30 pm. However, a few days of the month we have to work around  low tides. This means it could be an early morning or late afternoon collection. PLEASE CONTACT ALICE 0863135098 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS.  

Please be flexible with sailing times. We strongly advise not to have travel plans (flights, bus connections, appointments) the day of departure or the day of return as everything is dictated to by the weather and times/schedules vary. 

If sailing times do not suit, we may be able to organise alternative crossings with a different ferry company but please note extra charges will apply. 

“What should we bring for our overnight stay”

What to bring:

– If you wish to use the outdoor firepit please bring your own fire wood.

– Large Towel for swimming/shower

– All food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

– Insect repellent

– Hot water bottle

– Warm layers

– Good footwear

– Slippers/warm socks

We provide:

–  Headtorches & candles.   

–  There are 4 gas hobs and a gas oven per cottage 

– One complimentary firebucket per stove

– Tea towel and hand towels

– Toilet Paper                 

– Cooking utensils                       

– Basic provisions i.e salt, pepper, oil, tea, coffee (french press), washing up liquid, cleaning supplies             

 – All bed linen

“Can we cycle on the island?”

The Island does not offer suitable cycling tracks. 

“Are dogs allowed?”

We do not allow pets in the accommodation. 

If you wish to bring your dog please check in with Alice to discuss. 

Is the water drinkable?

The water comes from a spring on the Island. It is fresh and has not been treated with any chemicals, but goes through two settling tanks before it reaches the houses, therefore guests may drink at their own risk. 

Where shall we park?

Dingle Parking.

The Great Blasket Island Experience trip departs from the pontoon directly below the Tourist Office – next to the Fungie the Dolphin Statue.

All street parking is in close proximity to departure point and free of charge.

If parking in the large marina car park you will be charged a rate.

There is a free smaller car park opposite the back of Garveys Supervalue, next to the Childrens Playground. Please do not park in Garveys customer car park.

Dunquin Parking – Overnight Guests Only

Dunquin Parking.

Once arrived at Dunquin Pier please park anywhere along the dead end road. 

Walk down past the wooden hut and descend down the windy path to the pier. Billy will be in a bright orange boat called the Peig Sayers. 

Please note during the busier months (June, July & August) Dunquin is very busy and parking can cause delays. Please allow extra travel and parking time. 

Can I add more people to my accommodation booking?

Three cottages can sleep up to 7 people and the fourth can sleep 6. 

Once accommodation booking is made, you are free to add additional guests, up to the max capacity. We charge a per occupancy rate, therefore total price of accommodation will vary depending on number of guests staying. 

Can we swim on the Island?

There are very strong and dangerous currents that run off the beach. PLEASE swim with caution and do not go out of depth. 

Is the coffee shop open? Are there toilets on the Island?

Yes, the coffee shop is open from 12.30 pm – 4 pm. It is very basic selling teas, coffees, scones, and light refreshments. 

The public toilets are open every day on the Island and these are provided by the OPW.